Parroquia Santiago

It was built between 1600 1620, is located opposite the city's central park. Here was venerated the miraculous image of Our Lord of Esquipulas until the year 1758 which opened the sanctuary where she moved.

Its atrium is bounded by 6 columns or pilasters in front of City Hall Park to the west, linked by a massive levee that serves to support the sidewalk that faces the park, also joining the side walls or mud walls surrounding the atrium of the aboveChurch, which, the parish priest on duty and authority of the Institute of Anthropology and History, was restored over the years 97 to 2003 and remodeled the house with offices for the parish which had the help of the faithful, selfless people and institutions.

The Church Santiago is the cradle of all Catholic traditions Esquipulas, is the center of the parish of Santiago, where eachmonth of the year there are two or three religious holidays covering the whole year giving this category of the people arereligious.

On January 4, 1759 General Captain Alonso Moreno Arias and determined that the Feast of the municipality is held in honor of Santiago Apostle of 22 to 26 July each year.

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